Holistic. Integrative. Experiential.

“We are all improvising actors on the stage of life.
No one hands us a script.”

(J.L. Moreno)

LPTI Mission Statement

Laurel Psychodrama Training Institute (LPTI) provides holistic, integrative, experiential professional development opportunities for practitioners and students in the mental health and related human service fields.

LPTI Approach

A distinguishing feature of LPTI’s approach is the integration of theory-based and research-informed content with high-impact, experiential learning methods. LPTI programs incorporate theory, skills development, personal growth and professional application.

LPTI Conceptual Framework

LPTI programs provide training in classical psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy, as originated by Jacob L. Moreno (1889-1974) and Zerka T. Moreno (1917-2016), and as elaborated by their followers. To support and expand the philosophy, theory and practice of psychodrama, we skillfully integrate contemporary theories, such as interpersonal neurobiology and attachment theory, along with the ancient wisdom traditions of mindfulness, yoga philosophy and practice, and diverse spiritual practices.

LPTI Participants

Participants at our programs include counselors and psychotherapists, addictions counselors, life coaches, educators, spiritual facilitators and other helping and human service professionals.

As an LPTI participant, you may choose to pursue certification with LPTI and/or with the American Board of Examiners in Psychodrama Sociometry & Group Psychotherapy (ABE). (For information about ABE psychodrama certification, go to: www.psychodramacertification.org)

At LPTI, you will also find ways to use psychodrama in your clinical, coaching or other practice, even if you are not interested in certification. LPTI offers ongoing training, periodic workshops and individual and group consultations to support you in your specific interests, preferences and needs.

LPTI Training Process

Although foundational principles and methods are taught systematically in the LPTI training cohort, any workshop can serve as an introduction for participants new to psychodrama. The same workshop can also meet the needs of more advanced students. LPTI provides opportunities for students to pursue practicum experiences, help newcomers, practice skills, and gain new perspectives on familiar ideas. LPTI participants learn and develop at their own pace.

LPTI Certification & Practicums

LPTI offers supervised practicum experiences that can be used to meet the clinical practicum requirement for ABE certification.
In addition, LPTI offers three levels of certification:

  • Trained Auxiliary Ego/TAE
  • Assistant Director/Asst Dir
  • Associate Director/Assoc Dir

LPTI Community

Leadership and Administrative Team

    CATHERINE D. NUGENT Founder & Principal Trainer
    BETHANY GROVE Creative Consultant
  • N’Kosi Ayize
    N’Kosi Ayize Senior Associate for Operations Support

LPTI Guidance Circle

  • Laura Greer
    Laura Greer LPTI Training Cohort Member
  • Will Halm
    Will Halm LPTI Training Cohort Member
  • Cintra Harbold
    Cintra Harbold LPTI Training Cohort Member
  • Joshua Lee
    Joshua Lee LPTI Training Cohort Member

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